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Review Process.   

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The State Board shall appoint individuals to advisory panels to assist both itself and the Curriculum Commission in reviewing the submissions of instructional materials in relation to the evaluation criteria adopted under Section 9544, the other provisions of this article, and applicable statutes. The Curriculum Commission shall recommend individuals to the State Board for appointment to the advisory panels. The State Board shall consider the Curriculum Commission's recommendations. In making the actual appointments, the State Board shall select the individuals it determines to be best qualified regardless of whether those individuals have been recommended for appointment by the Curriculum Commission. The membership of the advisory panels as a whole shall be composed of a majority of current classroom teachers in kindergarten or any of grades one through eight (as of the time of appointment), although any advisory panels that are limited exclusively to the review of subject matter content may be composed solely of recognized content experts regardless of whether they are current classroom teachers. The advisory panels shall review the submissions in a timely manner, and the Curriculum Commission shall submit an evaluation report to the State Board along with its recommendations on each submission in accordance with this article as soon as possible after the reviews of the submissions are complete.

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(Amended by Register 99, No. 16.)