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Chapter 11. Special Programs.Subchapter 7. Regional Occupational Centers and Regional Occupational Programs.Course Approval.   

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Curriculum provided by a Regional Occupational Center or a Regional Occupational Program shall be subject to the approval of the California Department of Education (CDE) and shall comply with all requirements and standards set forth in the California State Plan for Vocational Education and this Chapter.

The CDE shall periodically review approved courses for compliance with the California Five-Year State Plan for Vocational Education and this Chapter. A course found to be out of compliance shall be placed on conditional approval.

The CDE shall withdraw course approval if a conditionally approved course is not brought into compliance.

All course approval records such as those documenting compliance with sections 11504(a) through (1) shall be maintained in the administrative office of each Regional Occupational Center or Regional Occupational Program for a period of three years and shall be subject to review and audit by the CDE.

Authority cited:

Education Code 52309


Education Code 52309

(Amended by Register 2010, No. 52.)