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Subchapter 1. Elementary Instructional Materials. Adoption of Curriculum Frameworks, Evaluation Criteria and Instructional Materials - Procedures. For State Board procedures relating to text books, see Div. 20. Application Process for Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee Members, Instructional Materials Reviewers and Content Review Experts.   

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(a) At least 90 days before the scheduled date of appointment by the SBE, the CDE shall distribute application forms, approved as to form by the SBE, to become a CFCC member, an IMR, or a CRE to districts, county offices, Learning Resources Display Centers (LRDCs) and others upon request, as well as post the application forms on the CDE website, to ensure sufficient time for interested parties to complete and submit applications to the Commission.

(b) The CDE shall assist the Subject Matter Committee and the Commission in reviewing all the submitted applications to ensure applications are complete.

(c) All completed applications, with the exception of personal information, shall be available for viewing at the CDE and SBE during normal business hours and at every publicly-noticed meeting at which the applications are considered.

(d) Prior to the SBE taking any action to appoint applicants, a list of the applicants' names and respective employers, if applicable, shall be posted on the CDE website and provided to the SBE. Upon action by the SBE, the list shall be updated to indicate whether or not each applicant was appointed.

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