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Chapter 12. Compensatory Education.Subchapter 13. Supplemental Educational Services.Subcontracts.   

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(a) An approved provider may enter into a subcontract not already identified in its application, if the approved provider submits written notification to the CDE 30 calendar days prior to the subcontractor providing services. The notification shall include all of the following:

(1) Identification of all subcontractors;

(2) A complete and detailed description of the services that will be provided by each subcontractor;

(3) Assurance that each subcontractor will provide services in accordance with all applicable provisions of section 13075.2(b) as described in the approved provider's application to the SBE;

(4) Assurance that the approved provider will only use subcontractor(s) for whom it provides the information required by this section; and

(5) Assurance that the approved provider will limit the work of each subcontractor to the services described in subdivision (a)(2).

(b) The term of approval is for the remainder of the approved provider's approval period.

(c) Approved providers must maintain evidence that each employee or subcontractor who has contact with students has met all requirements related to background checks.

(d) The approved provider and each of its subcontractors shall maintain and permit the CDE to audit, review, and inspect its activities, books, documents, papers, and records during the provision of services and for three years following each approval period.

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