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Subchapter 2. Migrant Education. Article 5. Statewide Parent Advisory Council. Meetings.   

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(a) The SPAC shall meet a minimum of six times a calendar year. Each meeting shall be held on a single day, but meeting durations may be modified by the CDE. The CDE shall designate the date, time, and location for each meeting. All meetings of the SPAC shall be called, noticed, and held in compliance with Education Code section 35147 (Greene Act).

(b) Only the CDE may convene meetings in addition to those set forth in subdivision (a).

(c) The following procedures shall apply to meetings of the SPAC:

(1) The CDE, in consultation with the SPAC President, shall set each meeting agenda.

(2) The agenda shall be set by the CDE, in collaboration with the SPAC officers, and prioritized to ensure the SPAC addresses its responsibilities set forth in section 12042.

(3) The agenda shall be posted in accordance with Education Code section 35147 (Greene Act).

(4) Each SPAC meeting shall be audio and/or video recorded and a copy of such recording shall be maintained by the CDE.

(5) The CDE may also provide live web-casting of a meeting.

(6) To the extent practicable, the CDE, in consultation with the SPAC, shall conduct SPAC meetings in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

(d) The CDE will ensure the provision of Spanish-English and English-Spanish interpretations during each regularly scheduled SPAC meeting. As the need arises and subject to available resources or funding, the CDE will also provide interpreter services at regularly scheduled SPAC meetings for languages other than Spanish.

(e) The CDE shall provide logistical support to the SPAC as appropriate including, but not limited to, roll call and the recording of minutes.

(f) The Migrant Region that elected the SPAC member shall coordinate necessary travel logistics for that member.

Authority cited:

Education Code 54444.2


Education Code 54444.2

(Added by Register 2014, No. 35.)