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Subchapter 2. Migrant Education. Article 5. Statewide Parent Advisory Council. Duties and Responsibilities of the SPAC.   

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(a) In addition to the report required by Education Code section 54444.2, the responsibilities of the SPAC shall also include providing advice and comment to the SSPI on the following:

(1) The establishment of the State's MEP goals, objectives, and priorities.

(2) State policy pertaining to MEP activities, programs and annual needs assessments, including comprehensive needs assessment and service delivery plan.

(3) Advice on the selection, development, and reassignment of MEP staff as Director responsible for the MEP and at his or her discretion, he or she may select a member of the SPAC to participate on any interview panels.

(b) All other responsibilities required under state and federal laws or regulations.

Authority cited:

Education Code 54444.2


Education Code 54444.2

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(Added by Register 2014, No. 35.)