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Job Market Study   

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(a) The governing board of any high school district or unified school district shall, prior to establishing a vocational or occupational training program, conduct a job market study of the labor market area in which it proposes to establish the program. The study shall use the State-Local Cooperative Labor Market Information Program established in Section 10533 of the Unemployment Insurance Code, or if this program is not available in the labor market area, other available sources of labor market information. The study shall include a California Occupational Information System supply analysis of existing vocational and occupational education or training programs for adults maintained by high schools, community colleges, and private postsecondary schools in the area to ensure that the anticipated employment demand for the adults enrolled in the proposed program justifies the establishment of the proposed courses of instruction.

(b) Subsequent to completing the study required by this section and prior to establishing the program, the governing board of the high school or unified school district shall determine whether or not the study justifies the proposed vocational education program.

(c) If the governing board of the high school district or unified school district determines that the job market study justifies the initiation of the proposed program, it shall, by resolution, determine whether the program shall be offered through the district's own facilities or through a contract with an approved private postsecondary school pursuant to Section 8092.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1667, Sec. 3.)