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Review of Application; Recommendation.   

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An application for a scholarship grant shall be reviewed by the Department. Such review and the recommendation of the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall be made on the basis of the following criteria:

(a) The application is complete.

(b) The course or courses in which the applicant proposes to enroll are designed to improve the teaching of reading and have been approved by the State Board of Education.

(c) The course or courses of study in which the applicant will enroll for credit total at least six semester hours. An application proposing enrollment in a course or courses totaling less than six semester hours may be accepted if the Department finds that the course or courses require an amount of time spent in classroom or other instruction equal to that usually required for six semester hours of credit or that the instruction proposed will be of sufficient scope sequence, and depth to compare favorably with the content of courses for which six semester hours are given.

(d) The need of the district by which the applicant is or will be employed for specialized programs in the teaching of reading is great.

(e) The applicant has the potential to profit from the proposed course of study and will make a substantial contribution to the reading program of any district which he may serve.

(f) The financial need of the applicant is such that he would be unlikely to enroll in, and complete, the course of study without the aid of the scholarship.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)