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Newly Formed Districts.   

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For a newly formed or reorganized district, or a district a part or all of which was included in a newly formed or reorganized district, the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall ascertain the average daily attendance and test scores for each affected district as it existed during the preceding school year, and determine the appropriate portion thereof to be credited to the new or reorganized district. the total of such portions shall be the appropriate amount to be considered as preceding year data for the newly formed or reorganized district, and the corresponding adjustments shall be made for the former district or districts, as the case may be. The determination shall be based upon information supplied by the governing boards concerned, verified by the county superintendent of schools, and attached to the application form.

If a component district or school of a newly formed or reorganized district is a participant in the act the year just prior to the effective date of the reorganization, the program level of the component district or school becomes a part of the first priority of the newly formed or reorganized district, with the requirement that the specialist teachers and librarians serving these teachers remain with the primary student body being served prior to the reorganization.