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Chapter 11. Special Programs.Subchapter 9. Vocational Education Contracts.Article 2. Contracting Standards.Standards.   

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The following standards shall be employed by the California Department of Education in determining the appropriateness of vocational education to be provided by private postsecondary schools through contracts with public agencies:(a) Employment/training needs and job opportunities have been identified that directly relate to the instruction to be offered under contract.

(b) The proposed program or course does not unnecessarily duplicate offerings available in the region served.

(c) The program or course provides vocational education opportunities for a greater number of students than would otherwise be possible.

(d) Each student eligible for enrollment must meet the criterion as defined in subdivision (c) of section 11535.

(e) The contracted services shall not reduce or supplant existing vocational education efforts of the public entity but shall become an extension or augmentation of vocational education opportunities and enrollments in the participating public entities.

(f) All programs and courses of instruction shall meet the standards set forth in the California State Plan for Vocational Education.

(g) The public entity establishes and maintains, in accordance with the provisions of the California School Accounting Manual, a clear and separate audit trail of all fiscal, enrollment, and statistical data. Such records shall be maintained for not less than five years and shall be made available for audit.

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Education Code 8092

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Education Code 8092

(Amended by Register 2010, No. 52.)