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Subchapter 11. Regional Adult and Vocational Education Councils. Article 1. General Provisions. Selection of Members to a Council.   

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(a) Prime Sponsor Representation. A prime sponsor for the balance of State shall make the selection only in the event that the council region does not include a local prime sponsor. Where the council region includes two or more local prime sponsors, that local sponsor serving the largest number of CETA participants in that region shall make the selection.

(b) Private School Representation. The county superintendent of schools who called the initial organizational meeting shall notify all private postsecondary educational institutions in the council region and request that they cooperatively select one representative.

In the event that a private postsecondary school does not exist within the region of a council, the council shall identify, as far as reasonably possible, all such Private schools located within a reasonable distance outside the council boundary that draw upon the population of the council region for students. The council shall then invite those identified private schools to select a representative for membership on the council.

(c) District Representation. In the event that the region of a council encompasses only one secondary school or community college district, the particular district shall select all four members. Where the region encompasses two or more secondary school or community college districts, nominations for selection of members by election shall be made in the following manner: each secondary school and community college district shall make nominations as follows: each of two districts may nominate no more than three persons; each of three districts may nominate no more than two persons; each of four districts may nominate no more than two persons; and each of five or more districts may nominate one person only.

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