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High School Graduation Requirements   

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The Board of Education desires to prepare all students to obtain a diploma of high school graduation to enable them to take advantage of opportunities for postsecondary education and/or employment.

(cf. 5127 - Graduation Ceremonies and Activities)

(cf. 5147 - Dropout Prevention)

(cf. 5149 - At-Risk Students)

(cf. 6143 - Courses of Study)

(cf. 6146.3 - Reciprocity of Academic Credit)

Course Requirements

To obtain a diploma of graduation from high school, students shall complete at least the following courses in grades 9-12, with each course being one year unless otherwise specified:

1. Four courses in English (Education Code 51225.3)

(cf. 6142.91 - Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

2. Three courses in mathematics (Education Code 51225.3)

At least one mathematics course, or a combination of the two mathematics courses required for completion in grades 9-12, shall meet or exceed state academic content standards for Algebra I. (Education Code 51224.5)

Completion, prior to grade 9, of algebra coursework that meets or exceeds state academic content standards shall satisfy the algebra coursework requirement but shall not exempt a student from the requirement to complete two mathematics courses in grades 9-12. (Education Code 51224.5)

Students who have completed coursework for geometry in grade 8 or Integrated Mathematics I - Common Core with a C or better and have passed the common final with a C or better have met the high school requirement of one of the three courses of mathematics in grades 9-12 for high school graduation.

Students in grades 9-12 who have not completed Algebra 1 in grades 7 or 8 must do so as a part of the three courses required for high school graduation.

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6142.92 - Mathematics Instruction)

3. Two courses in science, including biological and physical sciences (Education Code 51225.3)

(cf. 6142.93 - Science Instruction)

4. Three courses in social studies, including United States history and geography; world history, culture, and geography; a one-semester course in American government and civics; and a one-semester course in economics (Education Code 51225.3)

(cf. 6142.3 - Civic Education)

5. One course in visual or performing arts, foreign language, including American Sign Language, or career technical education (Education Code 51225.3)

Students who have completed coursework for Spanish in grade 8 with a C or better and have passed the common final with a C or better have met the high school requirement of one year of Foreign Language in grades 9-12 for high school graduation.

To be counted towards meeting graduation requirements, a course in career technical education shall be aligned to the career technical model curriculum standards and framework adopted by the State Board of Education.

(cf. 6142.2 - World/Foreign Language Instruction)

(cf. 6142.6 - Visual and Performing Arts Education)

(cf. 6178 - Career Technical Education)

(cf. 6178.2 - Regional Occupational Center/Program)

6. Two courses in physical education, unless the student has been otherwise exempted pursuant to other sections of the Education Code (Education Code 51225.3)

(cf. 6142.7 - Physical Education)

All students must take physical education for one full year at the ninth grade level.

7. Six courses of electives

8. A maximum of one year of coursework may be granted for school service-related courses/classes. Example: Teacher's aide, office aide, clerical aide, elementary school aide, laboratory assistant, attendance aide, etc. An additional 10 units may be granted for school service-related classes that requires a high degree of preparation/skill. Example: peer tutor, financial manager or library aide.

(cf. 6142.4 - Service Learning/Community Service Classes)

Because the prescribed course of study may not accommodate the needs of some students, the Board shall provide alternative means for the completion of prescribed courses in accordance with law.

(cf. 6146.11 - Alternative Credits Toward Graduation)

(cf. 6146.2 - Certificate of Proficiency/High School Equivalency)

The Superintendent or designee shall exempt or waive specific course requirements for foster youth or children of military families in accordance with Education Code 51225.3 and 49701.

(cf. 6173.1 - Education for Foster Youth)

(cf. 6173.2 - Education for Children of Military Families)

High School Exit Examination

As a condition of high school graduation, each student completing grade 12 shall have successfully passed the state exit examination in language arts and mathematics unless he/she receives a waiver or exemption. (Education Code 60851, 60859)

(cf. 6146.4 - Differential Graduation and Competency Standards for Students with Disabilities)

(cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)

(cf. 6162.52 - High School Exit Examination)

Supplemental instruction shall be offered to any student in grade 7-12 who does not demonstrate "sufficient progress," as defined in Board policy, toward passing the exit exam. (Education Code 37252, 60851)

(cf. 5148.2 - Before/After School Programs)

(cf. 6176 - Weekend/Saturday Classes)

(cf. 6177 - Summer School)

(cf. 6179 - Supplemental Instruction)

Students who have not passed one or both parts of the exit exam by the end of grade 12 shall have the opportunity to receive intensive instruction and services for up to two consecutive academic years after completion of grade 12 or until they have passed both parts of the exam, whichever comes first. (Education Code 37254)

(cf. 1312.4 - Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

(cf. 6164.2 - Guidance/Counseling Services)

In addition to intensive remedial instruction, the district shall offer students who have passed all state and local graduation requirements except for passage of one or both parts of the exit exam the following options beyond their regular senior year until they pass the exam:

1. If space is available, enrollment for an additional year at a comprehensive high school if the student has been continuously enrolled

2. Enrollment in an alternative education program

3. Reclassification as a junior

4. Maintaining continuous enrollment in an independent study program or charter school

5. Enrollment in an adult secondary school

(cf. 0420.4 - Charter Schools)

(cf. 6158 - Independent Study)

(cf. 6184 - Continuation Education)

The Superintendent or designee shall regularly report to the Board regarding the number of students who have fulfilled all local and state graduation requirements except for the passage of the exit exam and the resources that have been offered to such students.

Certificates of Completion

Students who have passed all the district's course requirements by the end of their senior year but are unable to pass the high school exit exam shall receive a certificate of completion.

The Superintendent or designee shall regularly report to the Board regarding the number of students receiving a certificate of completion and the resources that have been offered to such students.

Legal Reference:


37252 Supplemental instructional programs

37254 Supplemental instruction based on failure to pass exit exam by end of grade 12

37254.1 Required student participation in supplemental instruction

47612 Enrollment in charter school

48200 Compulsory attendance

48412 Certificate of proficiency

48430 Continuation education schools and classes

48645.5 Acceptance of coursework

48980 Required notification at beginning of term

49701 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

51224 Skills and knowledge required for adult life

51224.5 Algebra instruction

51225.1 Exemption from district graduation requirements

51225.2 Pupil in foster care defined; acceptance of coursework, credits, retaking of course

51225.3 High school graduation

51225.5 Honorary diplomas; foreign exchange students

51228 Graduation requirements

51240-51246 Exemptions from requirements

51250-51251 Assistance to military dependents

51410-51412 Diplomas

51420-51427 High school equivalency certificates

51450-51455 Golden State Seal Merit Diploma

51745 Independent study restrictions

56390-56392 Recognition for educational achievement, special education

60850-60859 High school exit examination

66204 Certification of high school courses as meeting university admissions criteria


1600-1651 Graduation of students from grade 12 and credit toward graduation


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adopted: June 14, 2010 Oakdale, California

revised: February 13, 2012

revised: February 2, 2015