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Eighth Grade Graduation Requirements   

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In order to recognize successful completion of the middle school or junior high school education, the Board of Education may confer diplomas of graduation from middle school or junior high schools and from special day and evening classes of middle grades.

(cf. 5127 - Graduation Ceremonies and Activities)

Promotion to ninth grade is based upon the student's completion of the eighth grade curriculum, state standards, and state and district assessments. A student must maintain at least a 2.0 academic average during the eighth grade year. The academic average shall be computed each quarter (A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F=0). Students who do not maintain a 2.0 academic average shall not be allowed to receive a diploma or participate in promotion exercises.

Students who receive two suspensions; one five day suspension in the fourth quarter; three suspensions throughout the eighth grade year will be excluded from participating in the graduation exercises and all activities related to graduation.

Students may not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony if their absences (excused and/or unexcused) exceed 15% of the school year.

Parents/guardians of students who are in danger of not meeting the promotion requirements shall be notified as soon as it becomes evident.

A request for exemption may be appealed to the principal.

Legal Reference:


48070-48070.5 Promotion and retention

51400-51403 Elementary school diplomas

52507-52510 Requirements for eighth grade graduation (adult school)

60641-60647 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program

60648 Minimum performance levels


adopted: June 14, 2010 Oakdale, California