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Oakdale Jt. USD |  BB  9010  Board Bylaws

Public Statements   

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The Board of Education recognizes the rights of Board members to freely express their views and encourages open discussion of issues during the Board meeting. The Board believes that effective Board members have a responsibility to express themselves, whether in agreement or disagreement with the Board majority, in ways that promote the Board's ability to govern the district.

When speaking to community groups, the media, or other members of the public, individual Board members should recognize that their statements may be perceived as reflecting the views and positions of the Board. Board members have a responsibility to identify personal viewpoints as such and not as the viewpoint of the Board.

All public statements authorized to be made on behalf of the Board shall be made by the Board president or, if appropriate, by the Superintendent or other designated representative.

(cf. 9011 - Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information)

(cf. 9200 - Limits of Board Member Authority)

Before voting on any issue, all Board members shall be encouraged to present to their colleagues whatever evidence they may feel is important to the matter at hand. The Board shall fully consider the implications and relevancy of all information so presented. All options, reactions and positions shall be openly discussed, so that each member may understand all aspects of the issues before the Board decides the outcomes or direction it will take.

Legal Reference:


35010 Control of district; prescription and enforcement of rules


54960 Actions to stop or prevent violation of meeting provisions


adopted: October 11, 2010 Oakdale, California