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Naming Of Facility   

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The Board of Education has both the legal authority and responsibility for the naming of schools, buildings, or other facilities.

The following criteria in naming schools, buildings, or other facilities shall be used:

1. In honor of individuals who have made outstanding contributions in education or other service to the school district or community

2. In honor of individuals who have made contributions of state, national, or worldwide significance

3. In recognition of the geographic areas in which the school, building, or facility is located

4. The Board will consider naming a school, building, or other facility after a major contributor to the school district

5. Upon request, the Board shall consider naming buildings, parts of buildings, or athletic fields as a memorial in honor of the contributions of students, staff members, and community members who have been deceased for at least one year. A memorial plaque may be the symbol used to recognize the individual or individuals.

The naming of schools, buildings, or other facilities is an important community issue. In order to provide the Board with community input and suggestions regarding the naming process, the Board shall appoint a committee, as determined by a majority of the Board, to review all name suggestions for the Board's final consideration. In the event that a committee is named, the committee will provide the Board with a list of suggested names consisting of at least three options for the Board to make the final selection. The final legal responsibility for the decision to name a school, building, or other facility lies with the Board.

The renaming of existing schools or major facilities shall occur only under extraordinary circumstances and after thorough study.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards


adopted: September 13, 2010 Oakdale, California