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Subchapter 2. Migrant Education. Article 5. Statewide Parent Advisory Council. Termination.   

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(a) The SSPI may terminate a member from the SPAC in accordance with the following:

(1) failure to attend two meetings in a given term;

(2) good cause. Good cause may include, but is not limited to, severe or repetitive conduct that is abusive to other persons or disruptive to the meetings or other official business of the SPAC. Such conduct may either be physical or verbal. Good cause may not be based on the content of an expressed position or opinion;

(3) engaging in inappropriate conduct that discredits the SPAC or the SSPI. The expression of an opinion or position may not constitute such conduct or serve as the basis for termination.

(b) In the event the SSPI dismisses a member of the SPAC, the SSPI will provide the member with written notice, including a brief statement of the reason for dismissal and the member's right to request the SSPI reconsider his or her decision issued pursuant to subdivision (a).

(c) A member dismissed by the SSPI pursuant to this section may present a written request for reconsideration of dismissal to the SSPI within 30 calendar days of the date of the written notice, as specified in subdivision (b). A member dismissed by the SSPI remains dismissed unless and until the SSPI grants reinstatement. If a request for reconsideration is filed, a dismissed member may not be replaced on the SPAC until the SSPI issues a decision to either affirm or overturn the dismissal.

(d) The SPAC is prohibited from terminating, expelling, or suspending any of its members.

Authority cited:

Education Code 54444.2


Education Code 54444.2

(Added by Register 2014, No. 35.)