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School Affiliated Organizations   

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Parent groups and community organizations established to raise money to benefit a school and/or students must receive authorization from the Board of Education and must agree to follow district guidelines and procedures. The request for authorization shall contain the following information:

1. The name and purpose of the organization

2. Bylaws, rules, and procedures under which the organization will operate, including procedures for maintaining the organization's finances, membership qualifications, if any, and an agreement that the group will not engage in unlawful discrimination

3. The names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of all officers

4. Tax ID number and verification of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status

5. Fundraising plans for the current year, including fundraising activities and proposed use of funds

6. An agreement to grant the district the right to audit the group's financial records at any time, either by district personnel or a certified public accountant

7. The name of the bank where the organization's account will be located and the names of those authorized to withdraw funds

8. Planned use for any money remaining at the end of the year if the organization is not continued or authorized to continue in the future

9. Evidence of liability insurance for any organization-sponsored school function for at least one million dollars combined single limit liability for bodily injury and property damage with a minimum two million dollar aggregate for each occurrence and the Oceanside Unified School District be named as an additional insured on a separate endorsement.

10. The signature of the principal of the school supporting the authorization

11. Treasurer's report summarizing income, expenditures, and ending balance from prior year (not applicable to newly formed groups)

Requests for reauthorization shall be presented to the Superintendent or designee annually, with a financial statement from the prior year showing income and expenditures from fundraisers.

Upon consent of the Superintendent or designee, school-affiliated organizations may use the school's name, school team's name, or other logo attributable to the school or district.

School-affiliated organizations are prohibited from hiring or directly paying district employees. Organizations may make donations to the district to cover the costs of additional employees, but only if such positions are approved in advance by the Board.


approved: September 12, 2011 Oceanside, California