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Ontario-Montclair SD |  AR  7131  Facilities

Relations With Local Agencies   

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The Superintendent or designee may provide the city/county with:

1. Regularly updated copies of the district's master plan for facilities.

2. Regularly updated records of:

a. Maximum capacity of each school facility, excluding portable classrooms.

b. Maximum capacity of each school facility, including portable classrooms.

c. Current enrollments in each facility.

3. A written response to each proposed annexation, rezoning, general plan amendment, proposed specific plan, proposed community plan, environmental impact report, negative declaration, or tentative subdivision map for residential construction, including an estimate of student enrollment to be generated by the development at its completion and total occupancy.

4. A district plan for managing the growth anticipated from each development, indicating:

a. Which school(s) would be affected.

b. An interim plan, with timelines, for managing the anticipated annual growth of enrollment at each affected school.

c. Proposed conditions that would mitigate the impact of expected enrollment growth, such as whether the school or district can be placed on a year-round calendar.


approved: March 4, 1999 Ontario, California