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Probationary/Permanent Status - Certificated   

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Eligibility for Permanent Status

A probationary employee who, in any one school year, has served for at least 75 percent of the number of days maintained by regular district schools shall be deemed to have served a complete school year. (Education Code 44908)

The following shall not be included for purposes of computing the service required as a prerequisite to classification as a permanent employee:

1. Service as an instructor in classes conducted at regional occupational centers or programs (Education Code 44910)

2. Service under a provisional credential other than a one-year emergency credential (Education Code 44911)

3. Employment in summer school (Education Code 44913)


A person employed as a district or university intern shall be classified as a probationary employee. Following completion of the internship, if he/she is reelected by the district to serve in a position requiring certification qualifications for the next succeeding school year, he/she shall continue to be classified as a probationary employee during that year. (Education Code 44466, 44885.5)

(cf. 4112.21 - Interns)

An employee who has completed an internship and at least one complete school year in a position requiring certification qualifications within the district shall be granted permanent status when he/she is reelected for the next succeeding school year to a position requiring certification qualifications. (Education Code 44466, 44885.5)


approved: April 7, 2008 Orinda, California

revised: March 11, 2019

revised: November 4, 2019