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Parent Involvement   

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For each school the Superintendent or designee shall, at a minimum:

1. Engage parents/guardians positively in their children's education by helping them develop skills to use at home that support their children's academic efforts at school and their children's development as responsible members of society (Education Code 11502, 11504)

The Superintendent or designee may:

a. Provide or make referrals to literacy training and/or parent education programs designed to improve the skills of parents/guardians and enhance their ability to support their children's education

b. Provide information, in parent handbooks and through other appropriate means, regarding academic expectations and resources to assist with the subject matter

c. Provide parents/guardians with information about students' class assignments and homework assignments

2. Inform parents/guardians that they can directly affect the success of their children's learning, by providing them with techniques and strategies that they may use to improve their children's academic success and to assist their children in learning at home (Education Code 11502, 11504)

The Superintendent or designee may:

a. Provide parents/guardians with information regarding ways to create an effective study environment at home and to encourage good study habits

b. Encourage parents/guardians to monitor their children's school attendance, homework completion, and television viewing

c. Encourage parents/guardians to volunteer in their child's classroom and to participate in school advisory committees

3. Build consistent and effective communication between the home and school so that parents/guardians may know when and how to assist their children in support of classroom learning activities (Education Code 11502, 11504)

The Superintendent or designee may:

a. Ensure that teachers provide frequent reports to parents/guardians on their children's progress and hold parent-teacher conferences at least once per year with parents/guardians of elementary school students

b. Provide opportunities for parents/guardians to observe classroom activities and to volunteer in their child's classroom

c. Provide information about parent involvement opportunities through district, school, and/or class newsletters, the district's web site, and other written or electronic communications

d. To the extent practicable, provide notices and information to parents/guardians in a format and language they can understand

e. Develop mechanisms to encourage parent/guardian input on district and school issues

f. Identify barriers to parent/guardian participation in school activities, including parents/guardians who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or are of any racial or ethnic minority background

g. Encourage greater parent/guardian participation by adjusting meeting schedules to accommodate parent/guardian needs and, to the extent practicable, by providing translation or interpreter services, transportation, and/or child care


approved: April 7, 2008 Orinda, California

revised: March 11, 2019

revised: June 8, 2020