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Article 7. Agricultural Vocational Education   

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The Legislature of the State of California recognizes that agriculture is the most basic and singularly important industry in the state, that agriculture is of central importance to the welfare and economic stability of the state, and that the maintenance of this vital industry requires a continued source of trained and qualified individuals for employment in agriculture and agribusiness. The Legislature hereby declares that it is within the best interests of the people of the State of California that a comprehensive career technical education program in agriculture be created and maintained by the state's school system in order to ensure an adequate supply of trained and skilled individuals and to ensure appropriate representation of racial and ethnic groups in all phases of the industry. For this purpose, the Legislature affirms that a state program for agricultural career technical education shall be established. It is the intent of the Legislature that a state program for agricultural education shall be a part of the curriculum of the state school system and made readily available to all school districts who may, at their option, include programs in career technical education in agriculture as a part of the curriculum of that district.

(Amended by Stats 2000, Ch. 1058, Sec. 82)