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Students Expelled From Other Districts   

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Hearings and notices related to the enrollment of pupils expelled from other districts shall be conducted in accordance with expulsion procedures consistent with Education Code 48918.

No pupil shall be enrolled until after the term of his/her expulsion if he/she was expelled for any of the following acts:

1. Possessing, as verified by a District employee, or selling or otherwise furnishing a firearm, unless the pupil had obtained prior written permission to possess the item from a certificated school employee, with the principal or designee's concurrence

2. Brandishing a knife at another person

3. Unlawfully selling a controlled substance listed in Health and Safety Code 11053-11058

4. Committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault or committing a sexual battery as defined in Education Code 48900(n)

5. Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense

6. Possessing any knife, explosive or other dangerous object of no reasonable use to the pupil

7. Unlawfully possessing any controlled substance, as listed in Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 11053) of Division 10 of the Health and Safety Code, except for the first offense for possessing not more than one ounce of marijuana, other than concentrated cannabis

8. Robbery or extortion

9. Assault or battery upon a school employee as defined in Penal Code 240 and 242.

If a pupil has been expelled for acts other than those cited above, the parent/guardian shall, upon enrollment, inform the receiving District of the pupil's status with the previous district.

Such pupils may be admitted or conditionally admitted during the term of expulsion when the Board of Education determines at a hearing that the pupil does not pose a potential danger to District pupils or employees. The pupil shall be admitted provided that, subsequent to the expulsion, he/she either has established legal residence in the District or has enrolled as part of an interdistrict AR 5119 (b) agreement. However, if such a pupil is found to pose a potential danger, the Board may deny enrollment for the remainder of the expulsion period.

If the pupil or parent/guardian neglects to inform the District that the pupil was expelled from his/her previous district, the Board shall record and discuss this lack of compliance during the hearing held to determine whether the pupil poses a potential danger to District pupils or employees.


approved: March 15, 1994 Paradise, California

revised: May 19, 2015

revised: September 19, 2017