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Calendar Covering School District Board Elections   

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The following calendar is abstracted from the Elections Code and the Education Code.

Number of Days

Before Election Action to be Taken

130th Consolidation of Governing Board Elections

Last day for County Superintendent to notify Governing Boards in writing of the consolidation of Governing Board elections. (Education Code 5323)

125th Notice to County Clerk

Last day for the secretary to deliver a notice to the county clerk containing the elective offices to be filled and whether the district or the candidate is to pay for the publication of a statement of qualifications pursuant to Elections Code Section 10012. The notice shall bear the district seal and the signature of the secretary. (Elections Code 23510.5)

123rd Specifications of the Election Order

Last day for the Governing Board or officer authorized to make such determination to deliver a resolution to the County Superintendent of Schools and to the officer conducting the election stating the date of the election and the purpose of the election conforming to the requirements of Education Code 5322.

120th Calling of Election

Last day for County Superintendent to call any school district election by posting or publication of notices of election and delivering a copy of the formal notice of election to the county clerk (or registrar of voters if the county has one) (Education Code 5325)

Formal Notice of Election

Last day for County Superintendent to deliver copies of the order of election and the formal notice of election to the county clerk (or the registrar of voters if the county has one). (Education Code 5325)

120th to 90th Notice of Election

Not sooner than the 120th day nor later than the 90th day before the election, the county clerk shall publish a notice of the election, pursuant to Election Code 23511.

113th Availability of Declaration of Candidacy Forms

The first day of availability of declaration of candidacy forms from the county clerk or the district secretary if authorized by the county clerk. (Elections Code 23512)

113th to 88th Filing Declaration of Candidacy

Period during which a declaration of candidacy may be filed with the county clerk. The declaration of candidacy must be substantially in the form set forth in Education Code Section 5032(a), containing the appropriate information and signed by the candidate. (Education Code 5012)

88th Withdrawal

Last day for a candidate who has filed a declaration of candidacy to withdraw as a candidate. (Education Code 5012)

87th to 83rd Failure of Incumbent to File Declaration

If no incumbent has filed by 5 o'clock p.m. of the 88th day, any person other than the incumbent shall have until 5 o'clock p.m. of the 83rd day to file a declaration of candidacy for that office.

82nd et seq. Insufficient Filings

If by 5 o'clock p.m. on the 83rd day prior to the election only one or no candidate has filed for a position to be filled at that election, or in the case of members to be elected from the district at large the number of candidates does not exceed the number of offices to be filled, or in the case of members to be nominated by trustee area and elected at large the number of candidates from a trustee area does not exceed the number of positions to be filed from that trustee area, no election for the position or positions shall be held. Appointment shall be made as prescribed by Education Code Section 5328 unless a petition signed by ten per cent (10%) of the voters or by 50 voters, whichever is less, in the district or in the trustee area requesting that an election be held has been presented to the officer conducting the election. (Education Code 5012.5 and 5326)

82nd (Even years) Drawing of "Randomized Alphabet"

83rd (Odd years) Secretary of State drawing to determine order of candidates' names on election ballot. (Elections Code 10217)

29th Close of Registration

Last day to change registration to be effective for election. (Elections Code 305)

29th to 7th Absentee Ballot Applications by Mail

Period during which applications bearing the signature of the requested voter may be received by the county clerk (or registrar of voters). Applications received prior to the 29th day shall be held and be processed during the application period. (Elections Code 1002 et seq., 1017)

14th Declaration of Write-In Candidacy

Last day for any qualified person to file a declaration of candidacy with the county clerk (or registrar of voters) to cause write-in votes for such person to be tallied. (Elections Code 7300, 7301)

0 Election Day

Polls open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Absentee ballots must be received by the official from whom they were obtained by 12 o'clock midnight on Election Day.

(Elections Code 1353)

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