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Perris Union HSD |  AR  6142.4  Instruction

Learning Through Community Service   

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Grades awarded in community service classes shall be based upon:

1. The student's completion of a written essay or a speech related to the benefits of his/her community service experiences.

2. The student's completion of a signed timecard verifying number of hours completed -- 60 hours equals five credits.

Student Responsibilities

In case of illness, the student shall inform both the community agency and the staff member responsible for monitoring attendance. Students shall be held accountable for attendance in the same manner as that used for the regular school program.

The community agency or school staff may terminate any student's volunteer placement if the student's conduct is unsatisfactory.

Transportation to the community service site shall be the student's responsibility except for cases in which the law requires the district to provide transportation.


approved: July 25, 1990 Perris, California

Revised: May 24, 1995