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The Superintendent or designee shall post at every entrance to each school and school grounds a notice describing registration requirements, school hours or hours during which registration is required, the registration location, the route to take to that location, and the penalties for violation of registration requirements (Education Code 32211; Penal Code 627.6)

Principal's Registration Authority

The Superintendent or designee shall develop a standardized District wide visitor registration process. This process may include visitors providing some form of identification as part of the registration process. Visitors will be given a visitor identification that shall be worn at all times during the visit. Visitors shall also be provided with the District policy regarding visitors and their conduct while on the campus.

The principal or designee may refuse to register any visitor if he/she reasonably concludes that the individual's presence or acts would disrupt the school, students, or employees; would result in damage to property; or would result in the distribution or use of a controlled substance. The principal or designee or school security officer may revoke any visitor's registration if he/she has a reasonable basis for concluding that the individual's presence on school grounds would interfere or is interfering with the peaceful conduct of school activities or would disrupt or is disrupting the school, students, or staff (Penal Code 627.4)

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)

(cf. 3515.3 - District Police/Security Department)

When a visitor fails to register, or when the principal or designee denies or revokes a visitor's registration privileges, the principal or designee may request that the individual promptly leave school grounds. When a visitor is directed to leave, the principal or designee shall inform him/her that if he/she reenters the school within seven days he/she may be guilty of a misdemeanor subject to a fine and/or imprisonment (Penal Code 627.7)

Dependent Children at District Sites

The District has a long standing practice of prohibiting employees and volunteers from bringing their children to the work site during workings hours, including in-service training, professional development, and similar District programs. When dependents are brought to work, they create potential medical, safety and liability issues, supervision concerns, work day violations, and additionally, may be distracting to students who are trying to learn. For your children's safety, the safety of our students and the reasons listed above, please do not bring your children to work with you, nor should you allow volunteers to bring their non-student children to the work site or school events. Emergency and unique situations must be discussed with your supervisor. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making our school district a safer working and learning environment.


approved: October 20, 2010 Perris, California

revised: November 20, 2013

revised: August 15, 2018