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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |  T20  4015, 4015  

Administrative provisions   

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(a) Regulations

The Administrator shall promulgate rules and regulations as necessary to implement the authorities and requirements of this subchapter.

(b) Procedures

The Administrator also shall establish procedures to be used by local educational agencies, in programs for which financial assistance is made available under section 4014 of this title, for--

(1) abating asbestos materials in school buildings;

(2) replacing the asbestos materials removed from school buildings with other appropriate building materials; and (3) restoring such school buildings to conditions comparable to those existing before asbestos containment or removal activities were undertaken.

(c) Relationship to other laws

Nothing contained in this subchapter shall be construed, interpreted, or applied to diminish in any way the level of protection required under any other State or Federal worker protection or other applicable laws.

(d) Other authority

In order to effectuate the purposes of this subchapter, the Administrator may also adopt such other procedures, standards, and regulations as the Administrator deems necessary, including--

(1) procedures for testing the level of asbestos fibers in schools, including safety measures to be followed in conducting such tests;

(2) standards for evaluating (on the basis of such tests) the likelihood of the leakage of asbestos fibers into the school environment; and (3) periodic reporting with respect to the activities that have taken place using funds loaned or granted under this subchapter.

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