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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |  T20  5825, 5825  

Administrative provisions   

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(a) Meetings

The Goals Panel shall meet on a regular basis, as necessary, at the call of the Chairperson of the Goals Panel or a majority of its members.

(b) Quorum

A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

(c) Voting and final decision

(1) Voting

No individual may vote, or exercise any of the powers of a member, by proxy.

(2) Final decisions

(A) In making final decisions of the Goals Panel with respect to the exercise of its duties and powers the Goals Panel shall operate on the principle of consensus among the members of the Goals Panel.

(B) Except as otherwise provided in this part, if a vote of the membership of the Goals Panel is required to reach a final decision with respect to the exercise of its duties and powers, then such final decision shall be made by a three-fourths vote of the members of the Goals Panel who are present and voting.

(d) Public access

The Goals Panel shall ensure public access to its proceedings (other than proceedings, or portions of proceedings, relating to internal personnel and management matters) and make available to the public, at reasonable cost, transcripts of such proceedings.

(Pub. L. 103-227, title II, Sec. 205, Mar. 31, 1994, 108 Stat. 137.)