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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |  T20  2411  

Joint Funding.   

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(a) General Authority.--Funds made available to eligible agencies under this Act may be used to provide additional funds under an applicable program if--

(1) such program otherwise meets the requirements of this Act and the requirements of the applicable program;

(2) such program serves the same individuals that are served under this Act;

(3) such program provides services in a coordinated manner with services provided under this Act; and

(4) such funds are used to supplement, and not supplant, funds provided from non-Federal sources.

(b) Applicable Program.--For the purposes of this section, the term"applicable program"means any program under any of the following provisions of law:

(1) Chapters 4 and 5 of subtitle B of title I of Public Law 105-220.

(2) The Wagner-Peyser Act.

(c) Use of Funds as Matching Funds.--For the purposes of this section, the term"additional funds"does not include funds used as matching funds.

(Public Law 109-270.)