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Perris Union HSD |  BP  4361.1  Personnel

Personal Illness and Injury   

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1. Twelve-month management and confidential employee shall earn twelve days, eleven-month management, confidential and other employees not covered by employment agreement shall earn eleven days, and ten-month certificated employees shall earn ten days sick leave per year.

2. District personnel absent from duty and on sick leave may be required to present proof of illness after an absence to qualify for pay during the absence.

3. When a person subject to this policy is absent from his/her duties because of illness or accident for a period of five school months or less, whether or not the absence arises out of or in the course of employment of the employee, he/she shall receive at least fifty percent of his/her regular salary during the period of such absence. The employee will receive full salary when current accumulated full pay sick leave has not been exhausted. The provisions in this section for fifty percent salary for sick leave for a period of five school months or less shall become applicable on the first day of absence following use of current sick leave under Education Code 44978, and run concurrently with other paid leaves of absence including accumulated full pay sick leave. When the fifty percent salary and the use of accumulated sick leave run concurrently, the employee shall be paid his/her full salary until the accumulated sick leave is exhausted, after which he/she shall be paid fifty percent of his/her regular salary for the duration of the five school month period.

4. When a person subject to this policy is absent from his/her duties because of illness for a period of more than five school months or when a person is absent from his/her duties for a cause other than illness or other authorized paid leave of absence, the employee shall not be entitled to wages and shall not earn vacation or sick leave benefits except that when the absence is because of illness, he/she shall continue to receive his/her full salary for his/her unused vacation days, current accumulated, or other sick leave days, and until these leave benefits are exhausted.

Legal Reference:


44964 Power to grant leave of absence in case of illness, accident or quarantine

44965 Granting of leaves of absence for pregnancy and childbirth

44977 Salary deduction during absence from duties

44978 Provisions for sick leave of certificated employees

44978.5 Leave for compelling personal importance

44979 Transfer of accumulated sick leave

44980 Transfer of accumulated leave for injury or illness

44981 Leave of absence for personal necessity

44983 Exception to sick leave when district adopts specific rule

44984 Governing Board rules and regulations - industrial accident and illness


adopted: 12/16/87 Perris, California