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Perris Union HSD |  AR  9250  Board Bylaws

Remuneration And Reimbursement, Other Benefits   

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Board Members' Travel and Reimbursement

Expenses incurred as a result of special assignments for the district or attendance at conferences, workshops and meetings planned for the improvement of administration and operation of the schools may be reimbursed if approved or ratified by the Governing Board.

1. Claims for reimbursement of mileage expenses will be submitted monthly on the District Daily Mileage Claim form. Reimbursement will be at the rate established by the Board for district employees and will be paid for actual mileage.

2. Conference registration and reservations for hotel and commercial transportation shall be made, whenever possible, by the Superintendent's office staff. These expenses will be prepaid unless unusual circumstances prevent this from occurring.

3. Reimbursement for transportation will be made on the basis of the use of personally owned vehicle at the mileage rate established by the Board or approved form of commercial transportation, whichever is the most economical in time and cost.

4. Conference and Travel forms (Claim for Reimbursement), along with any funds due the district, are to be submitted to the Superintendent's secretary no later than two weeks following the date of the event. No additional conference expenditures will be authorized if there are outstanding claims for reimbursement.

5. Board members will be provided a per diem of $50 when attending overnight conferences. This amount is to pay for meals and tips and excludes hotel accommodations and commercial transportation costs. In addition, a cash advance will be provided for taxi fares, airport to hotel transportation, parking, and mileage.

6. Meal receipts are not necessary; however, the cost of each meal must be noted on the district conference, meeting or travel request form. Tips paid may be included in the meal costs.

7. Meals served as part of the conference registration will be paid for by the district and subtracted from the allowed per diem.

8. Breakfast, luncheon or dinner meetings will be paid for on an "at cost" basis.

9. Lodging costs must be substantiated by itemized bills. If spouse accompanies the Board member, hotel bills must show the single room rate.

10. In lieu of a telephone credit card, a request for reimbursement shall be submitted for telephone calls to include those required to maintain communication from employment and family reasons justified as important and necessary and created by absence due to special assignments for district attendance at conferences, workshops, and/or meetings.

11. When time allows, a warrant may be made in advance to cover estimated expenses; otherwise, the revolving cash fund will be used.

12. Expense claims may be paid from the revolving fund upon approval by the Board at the next regular meeting.


adopted: December 16, 1987 Perris, California

Revised: May 22, 1991