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Perris Union HSD |  BP  4360  Personnel

Leaves and Vacations   

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Personnel of the district may wish or be required to be absent for several reasons:

1. Those beyond their control such as personal sickness or injury, pregnancy, jury duty, military service or emergencies due to weather, accident, legal requirements, etc.

2. Those governed by compassion or conviction, such as family illness or bereavement.

3. Those stemming from occupational status such as attendance at meetings, conventions, in-service courses and seminars, and other patterns of additional study.

4. Those provided by scheduled vacations.

The Governing Board recognizes that absences for such reasons are justifiable and will provide for employee absences as authorized by law, as permitted by the Board in the following policies and regulations, or as negotiated between the Board and employee organizations.

Management/Supervisory/Confidential Employees

The leave provisions for management, supervisory, and confidential employees shall be identical to those leave provisions covered in the negotiated agreements for certificated and classified employees as appropriate unless otherwise specified in Board policy.

Legal Reference:


44036 Leaves of absence for judicial and official appearances

44037 Unlawful to encourage exemption from jury duty

44940 Sex offenses and narcotic offenses; compulsory leave of absence

44962-44986 Leaves of absence (certificated)

45190-45207 Leaves of absence, vacation (classified)


3543.2 Scope of representation


adopted: 12/16/87 Perris, California