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Related Classroom Instructions.   

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(a) Formal related vocational classroom instruction shall be:

(1) Concurrent and directly related to the paid on-the-job training of students.

(2) Organized to ensure that each student will have sufficient number of hours of related classroom instruction and on-the-job training experience to provide the student with those competencies necessary for employment and advancement in the occupational area for which training is offered.

(3) Provided at a minimum equivalency of three instructional periods per week. An instructional period must equal at least 50 minutes. A minimum of one instructional period per week shall be scheduled and conducted.

(b) The curriculum for a vocational course/program, utilizing the cooperative vocational education methodology, shall identify how competencies necessary for employment will be taught through concurrent classroom instruction and on-the-job training experiences.

Authority Cited:

Education Code 52372.1


Education Code 52372.1(a) (2) and (b)

(Amended by Register 87, No. 50.)