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Perris Union HSD |  AR  3515.1  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Photo Identification Badges   

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Each Perris Union High School District employee will be issued a photo identification badge, which shall be worn in a readily visible location throughout the workday, except when such a practice presents a legitimate safety risk. Whenever an employee leaves the district, the assigned worksite is responsible for the collecting the identification badge from the employee. The site will forward the former employee's badge to the Personnel department. Personnel will remove the former employee's name from the master list.

The district will photograph new employees who are to receive photo identification badges as part of the new employee sign up procedure. Until the employee photo identification badge is issued to the new employee, the employee will wear a temporary badge. Upon receiving the permanent badge, the employee will return the temporary badge to the issuing worksite receptionist or designee.

Photo Identification Badges will be issued to all employees of the Perris Union High School District including board of trustees.

All employees are required to wear their photo identification badge at all times when they are on duty, including evenings and weekends. Any employee or individual who does not bring his/her photo identification badge to work must report to a receptionist or designee to obtain a "visitors" badge.

An employee who consistently fails to wear his/her photo identification as defined by this regulation may be subject to disciplinary action. Replacement badges are provided by the worksite and will be obtained at the employee's expense.

Visitor Badges

Anyone entering the PUHSD main office or any school site who is not wearing a photo identification badge must check with the receptionist or designee for a visitor's badge. District employees participating in staff development activities while at the district office must wear their site photo identification badge or obtain a visitor badge from the receptionist or designee.

Visitors must wear their badge at all times while on PUHSD property. When his/her business is concluded the visitor must return the visitor badge to the receptionist.

No Visible Badges

All PUHSD employees can contribute to student, employee and property safety and security. All PUHSD employees are responsible for assuring that all visitors obtain a badge before proceeding past the main entrance of each worksite. Employees are expected to look for a name badge on anyone they encounter in buildings who they do not recognize as a current PUHSD employee or student. Any employee, who encounters an individual without a proper badge, is to politely explain the PUHSD policy and then escort the person to a receptionist or designee for issuing of a badge. If a person is uncooperative, the employee should not try to stop the person, but the employee should immediately summon the assistance of a supervisor, administrator or campus supervisor.


Adopted: March 15, 2006 Perris, California