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(a) Local education agencies shall have bulk samples, collected under Sec. 763.86 and submitted for analysis, analyzed for asbestos using laboratories accredited by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). Local education agencies shall use laboratories which have received interim accreditation for polarized light microscopy (PLM) analysis under the EPA Interim Asbestos Bulk Sample Analysis Quality Assurance Program until the NBS PLM laboratory accreditation program for PLM is operational.

(b) Bulk samples shall not be composited for analysis and shall be analyzed for asbestos content by PLM, using the "Interim Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Insulation Samples" found at appendix E to subpart E of this part.

(c)(1) A homogeneous area is considered not to contain ACM only if the results of all samples required to be collected from the area show asbestos in amounts of 1 percent or less.

(2) A homogeneous area shall be determined to contain ACM based on a finding that the results of at least one sample collected from that area shows that asbestos is present in an amount greater than 1 percent.

(d) The name and address of each laboratory performing an analysis, the date of analysis, and the name and signature of the person performing the analysis shall be submitted to the person designated under Sec. 763.84 for inclusion into the management plan within 30 days of the analysis.

[52 FR 41846, Oct. 30, 1987, as amended at 60 FR 31922, June 19, 1995]