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Petaluma City Schools |  AR  3541.2  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Transportation For Students With Disabilities   

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Disabled students who do not meet any of the above criteria may use regular home-to-school transportation.

(cf. 3540 - Transportation)

Transportation for students with disabilities shall be provided in accordance with a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 accommodation plan.

(cf. 3540 - Transportation)

(cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program (IEP))

(cf. 6164.4 - Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education)

(cf. 6164.6 - Identification and Education Under Section 504)

If a disabled student is excluded from school bus transportation, the district shall provide transportation at no cost to the student or parent/guardian provided that transportation is specified in the student's IEP. (Education Code 48915.5) (Education Code 48915.5)

(cf. 5131.1 - Bus Conduct)

(cf. 5144.2 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process (Individuals with Disabilities)

When contracting with a nonpublic, nonsectarian school or agency to provide special education services, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the contract includes general administrative and financial agreements related to the provision of transportation services specified in the student's IEP. (Education Code 56366)

Guide dogs, signal dogs and service dogs trained to provide assistance to disabled persons may be transported in a school bus when accompanied by disabled students, disabled teachers or persons training the dogs. (Education Code 39839)


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California

revised: September 9, 2003