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Suicide Prevention   

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The district's suicide prevention instruction shall be designed to help students:

1. Understand how feelings of depression and despair can lead to suicide

2. Identify alternatives to suicide and develop new coping skills

3. Recognize the warning signs of suicidal intentions in others

4. Learn to listen, be honest, share feelings and get help when communicating with friends who show signs of suicidal intent

5. Identify community crisis intervention resources where youth can get help

Crisis Intervention Procedures

District procedures to be followed when a suicide attempt, threat or disclosure is reported shall:

1. Ensure the student's short-term physical safety by one of the following, as appropriate:

a. Securing immediate medical treatment if a suicide attempt has occurred

b. Securing police and/or other emergency assistance if a suicidal act is being actively threatened

c. When a suicidal act is less actively threatened but is a serious possibility, keeping the student under continuous adult supervision until the parent/guardian can be contacted and has the opportunity to intervene

d. If an unsuccessful suicide attempt has been reported or threatened, monitoring the student's actions until the parent/guardian can be contacted and has the opportunity to intervene

2. Designate specific individuals to be promptly contacted, including:

a. The school counselor, psychologist, nurse and/or principal

b. The student's parent/guardian

c. As necessary, local police or counseling agencies

3. Set forth one or more plans by which the school can transfer responsibility for the student's welfare to the parent/guardian and/or the appropriate support agent or agency

4. Provide for the timely follow-up by designated school staff regarding the parent/guardian and student's contact with an appropriate support agent or agency


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California