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Petaluma City Schools |  AR  6163.2  Instruction

Animals At School   

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All animals brought to school must be:

1. In good physical condition

2. Vaccinated against transmittable diseases

3. In clean, safe and suitable cages or containers or otherwise appropriately controlled

Students bringing animals to school must first obtain the consent of the teacher and the parent/guardian.

Animals shall not be brought to school on school buses without express permission of the principal or designee. Such permission shall not be required for seeing-eye dogs or service dogs needed by students.

(cf. 5131.1 - Bus Conduct)

Students shall not bring poisonous or wild animals to school. If wildlife specimens are used in a biology class, protective gloves and a face shield shall be worn by anyone handling these specimens and the animals' saliva and neurological tissue shall be treated as infectious.

(cf. 5141.23 - Infectious Disease Prevention)

Animals brought to school by students shall generally be taken home the same day they are brought to school.

With the consent of the principal or designee, animals may remain at school longer under the following conditions:

1. The animal shall remain in the classroom only for the number of days needed to achieve the educational goal.

2. The teacher shall provide a plan for the proper care, sanitation, feeding and handling of the animal.

3. The teacher shall be responsible for the animal's care in the event of any school closure and may allow students to take class pets home over weekends.

4. The teacher shall be familiar with any potential dangers caused by the animal and shall give special consideration to any students who have allergies to certain animals.


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California