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Petaluma City Schools |  AR  3515.2  Business and Noninstructional Operations


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The principal or designee may direct any person, except a student, school employee, or other person required by his/her employment to be on school/District grounds, to leave school/District grounds or school/District activity if:

1. The principal or designee has reasonable basis for concluding that the person is committing or has entered the campus with the purpose of committing an act which is likely to interfere with the peaceful conduct, discipline, good order, or administration of the school or a school activity, or with the intent of inflicting damage to any person or property. (Education Code 44810, 44811; Penal Code 626.7)

2. The person fights or challenges another person to a fight, willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise, or uses offensive language which could provoke a violent reaction. (Penal Code 415.5)

3. The person loiters around a school without lawful business for being present or reenters a school within 72 hours after he/she was asked to leave. (Penal Code 653b)

4. The person is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290 and does not have a lawful purpose and written permission from the principal or designee to be on school grounds. (Penal Code 626.81)

(cf. 1250 - Visitors/outsiders)

(cf. 3515.5 - Sex Offender Notification)

5. The person is a specified drug offender as defined in Penal Code 626.85, and does not have a lawful purpose and written permission from the principal or designee to be on school grounds. However, such specified drug offender may be on school grounds during any school activity if he/she is a student or the parent/guardian of a student attend the school. (Penal Code 626.85)

6. The person willfully or knowingly creates a disruption with the intent to threaten the immediate physical safety of any student in grades K-12 while attending, arriving at or leaving school. (Penal Code 626.85)

7. The person has otherwise established a continued pattern of unauthorized entry on school/District grounds.

(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)

(cf. 3515.3 - District Police/Security Department)

(cf. 4158/4258/4358 - Employee Security)

(cf. 6145.2 - Athletic Competition)

The principal or designee shall allow a parent/guardian who was previously directed to leave school grounds to reenter for the purpose of retrieving his/her child for disciplinary reasons, medical attention, or family emergencies, or with the principal or designee's prior written permission. (Penal Code 626.7, 626.85)

When directing any person to leave school premises, the principal or designee shall inform the person that he/she may be guilty of a crime if he/she:

1. Fails to leave or remains after being directed to leave (Penal Code 626.7, 626.8, 626.85)

2. Returns to the campus without following the school's posted registration requirements (Penal Code 626.7)

3. Returns within seven days after being directed to leave (Penal Code 626.8, 626.85)

(cf. 0450 - Comprehensive Safety Plan)

Appeal Procedure

Any person who is asked to leave a school building or grounds may appeal to the Superintendent or designee. This appeal shall be made no later than the second school day after the person has departed from the school building or grounds. After reviewing the matter with the principal or designee, and the person making the appeal the Superintendent or designee shall render his/her decision within 24 hours after the appeal is made, and this decision shall be binding. (Education Code 32211)

The decision of the Superintendent or designee may be appealed to the Board of Education. Such an appeal shall be made no later than the second school day after the Superintendent or designee has rendered his/her decision. The Board shall consider and decide the appeal at its next scheduled regular or adjourned regular public meeting. The Board's decision shall be final. (Education Code 32211)


approved: May 25, 2003 Petaluma, California

revised: March 2012

revised: November 12, 2013