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Oral examinations   

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Examinations shall be administered objectively, and shall consist of test parts that relate to job performance.

For classes of positions deemed by the commission to require an oral examination, the oral examination board shall include at least two members. Where a structured objective examination is to be administered to the entire field of candidates, a single member oral examination board may be utilized. A "structured objective examination" means, for this purpose, an examination for which the examiner exercises no discretion in the selection of the questions or in the evaluation of the answers.

Unless specifically directed to evaluate candidates' technical knowledge and skills, the oral examination board shall confine itself to evaluating general fitness for employment in the class. When the oral examination board is directed to evaluate technical knowledge and skills, at least two members of the board shall be technically qualified in the specified occupational area. Members of the governing board or personnel commission shall not serve on an oral examination board. A district employee may serve on an oral examination board if he or she is not at the first or second level of supervision over a vacant position in the class for which the examination is held.

The personnel commission shall provide for the proceedings of all oral examinations to be electronically recorded. In no case will an oral examination board be provided with confidential references on employees of the district who are competing in promotional examinations. Scores achieved by the candidate on other parts of the examination shall not be made available to the oral examination board.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 652, Sec. 7.)