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Retroactive High School Diplomas for Veterans   

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(a) (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, subject to regulations that the state board shall prescribe, a high school district, unified school district, or county office of education maintaining a four-year high school or senior high school, may, for a person who has not received a high school diploma included in paragraph (2), evaluate classes completed in any high school, community college, or state college; grant credit toward graduation for military service and training received while in the military service of the United States, and if satisfied that that person has completed the equivalent of the requirements for graduation from high school, grant him or her a diploma of graduation.

(2) Persons who may be granted a diploma pursuant to paragraph (1) are:

(A) A former member of the Armed Forces who is a resident of this state and who has received an honorable discharge.

(B) A member of the Armed Forces who is, and on the date he or she entered the Armed Forces was, a resident of this state.

(b) A veteran who entered the military service of the United States while a pupil in grade 12 of a high school and who at the time of his or her entrance into military service had satisfactorily completed the first half of the work required for grade 12 shall be granted a diploma of graduation from that high school.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 255, Sec. 3.)