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Legal Resources | Penal Code |  PC  13519.6, 13519.006  

Field Services and Standards For Recruitment and Training; Hate Crimes   

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(a) The commission shall, on or before December 31, 1993, develop guidelines and a course of instruction and training for law enforcement officers who are employed as peace officers, or who are not yet employed as a peace officer but are enrolled in a training academy for law enforcement officers, addressing hate crimes. "Hate crimes," for purposes of this section, means any act of intimidation, harassment, physical force, or the threat of physical force directed against any person, or family, or their property or advocate, motivated either in whole or in part by the hostility to the real or perceived ethnic background, national origin, religious belief, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation, with the intention of causing fear and intimidation.

(b) The course shall make maximum use of audio and video communication and other simulation methods and shall include instruction in each of the following procedures and techniques:

(1) Indicators of hate crimes.

(2) The impact of these crimes on the victim, the victim's family, and the community.

(3) Knowledge of the laws dealing with hate crimes and the legal rights of, and the remedies available to, victims of hate crimes.

(4) Law enforcement procedures, reporting, and documentation of hate crimes.

(5) Techniques and methods to handle incidents of hate crimes in a noncombative manner.

(c) The guidelines developed by the commission shall incorporate the procedures and techniques specified in subdivision (b).

(d) The course of training leading to the basic certificate issued by the commission shall, not later than July 1, 1994, include the course of instruction described in subdivision (a).

(e) As used in this section, "peace officer" means any person designated as a peace officer by Section 830.1 or 830.2.

(Amended by Stats. 1998, Ch. 933, Sec. 6.)