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Credit to Present or Past Members of the Armed Services.   

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The governing board maintaining a four-year high school or a senior high school may award a diploma of graduation from Grade 12 to a person described in Education Code Section 51440 who meets the graduation requirements adopted by the governing board pursuant to Education Code Section 51225, or their equivalent. The governing board shall keep a permanent record of the credit allowed pursuant to this section. Credit toward graduation may be allowed to such a person in accordance with the following table:



(a) Basic or recruit training program with the

Armed Forces of the United States. -------30

(b) Specialist or technical training program in

the United States military services evidenced by

certification of the U.S. Armed Forces Institute,

provided the training is in subjects that parallel

courses usually taught in high school. -----20 for

each course

(c) A training course, as a member of the

Armed Forces, in a vocation that is found

in civilian life. ---------------------------------20 for

each course

(d) General Educational Development Tests

(high school level) prepared by the Ameri-

can Council on Education with both: -------------No limit

(1) A standard score of 40, or above, on each

of the tests in the battery.

(2) An average standard score of 45, or above.

(e) Work experience in the Armed Forces that

parallels a course or courses usually taught

in high schools, evidenced by a statement

upon the serviceman's record. -----------------------20

(f) Classes completed in either:

(1) A public high school in the United States. -----5 for

each semester course completed

(2) A private high school of equivalent status

in the United States.

(g) Classes in subjects included in the high school course of study completed in a junior college or college in the United States accredited by a regional accrediting association. -----------------------------3 1/3 for each

one credit hour allowed

by the junior college or

college in which the

class was taken.

Authority cited:

Education Code 51440


Education Code 51420

Education Code 51440

(Amended by Register 86, No. 31.)