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In addition to the requirements specified in Education Code section 56325 and all applicable sections in this chapter, the following shall apply:

(a) Transfer of Records. Upon receipt of a request from an educational agency where an individual with exceptional needs has enrolled, a former educational agency shall send the pupil's special education records, or a copy thereof, within five working days.

(b) Transition from Elementary School District to High School District.

When a pupil is to enroll in a high school district from an elementary district, the elementary district shall invite the high school district to the IEP team meeting prior to the last scheduled review. If the authorized high school personnel participate with the elementary district personnel in the IEP team meeting, the IEP shall specify the appropriate high school placement.

If the authorized representative of the high school district has not participated in the IEP development prior to transfer from the elementary program, the elementary school district shall notify the high school district of those individuals with exceptional needs who require special education and related services. For each pupil listed who enrolls in the high school district, the administrator shall make an interim placement in accordance with Education Code section 56325 or shall immediately convene an IEP team meeting.

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(Amended by Register 2012, No. 39.)