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Assessment Option: Referral to State Schools for Further Assessment   

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(a) Prior to referring a pupil for further assessment to California Schools for the Deaf or Blind or the Diagnostic Centers, districts, SELPAs, counties, or other agencies providing education services, shall first conduct assessments at the local level within the capabilities of that agency. Results of local assessments shall be provided to parent(s) and shall state the reasons for referral to the State School. Results of local assessments shall accompany the referral request.

(b) The Schools for the Deaf and Blind and the Diagnostic Centers shall conduct assessments pursuant to the provisions of Education Code section 56320, et seq.

(c) A representative of the district, SELPAs, or county IEP team shall participate in the staffing meeting and shall receive the final report and recommendations. Conference calls are acceptable forms of participation, provided that written reports and recommendations have been received by the representative prior to the meeting.

Authority cited:

Education Code 56100


Education Code 56326

(Amended by Register 2014, No. 19).