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Parental involvement and dissemination   

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In the case of any applicable program in which the Secretary determines that parental participation at the State or local level would increase the effectiveness of the program in achieving its purposes, the Secretary shall promulgate regulations with respect to such program setting forth criteria designed to encourage such participation. If the program for which such determination is made provides for payments to local educational agencies, applications for such payments shall--

(1) set forth such policies and procedures as will ensure that programs and projects assisted under the application have been planned and developed, and will be operated, in consultation with, and with the involvement of, parents of the children to be served by such programs and projects;

(2) be submitted with assurance that such parents have had an opportunity to present their views with respect to the application; and

(3) set forth policies and procedures for adequate dissemination of program plans and evaluations to such parents and the public.

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