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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 7.5. California English Language Development Test Article 2. Administration Data for Analysis of Pupil Proficiency.   

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(a) Each school district shall provide the test contractor the following information for each pupil tested for purposes of the analyses and reporting required pursuant to Education Code sections 60810(c) and 60812, and for accountability requirements under Title III of No Child Left Behind, Part A, Section 3122 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Public Law 107-110):

(1) Pupil's full name;

(2) Date of birth;

(3) County, district, school code;

(4) Date that testing was completed;

(5) Grade level;

(6) Gender;

(7) Primary language;

(8) Program participation;

(9) Special education and 504 plan status;

(10) Primary Disability;

(11) Ethnicity;

(12) Year first enrolled in a United States school;

(13) School mobility.

(14) CELDT scores from the previous test administration;

(15) Purpose: an initial assessment or an annual assessment;

(16) District and County of residence for pupils with disabilities;

(17) Grade level from the previous CELDT administration;

(18) Use of test modifications and/or accommodations;

(19) Use of Alternate Assessment(s); and

(20) California School Information Services (CSIS) student number once assigned.

(b) The demographic information required by subdivision (a) is for the purposes of aggregate analyses and reporting only.

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Education Code 33031


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(Amended by Register 2005, No. 23.)