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Staff Development   

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Staff development for all employees is a necessary and ongoing function of all schools and departments. Members of the Management Team, using shared decision-making procedures which are developed through the Trust Agreements, shall facilitate individual professional development, school and department staff development, and districtwide training. The support of professional and staff development may include the use of both general funds and categorical funds. The support may also include the provision of time through the release of students on shortened school days and School Based Coordinated Program Plans' non-student days.

If students are released on a shortened day schedule or release day, care must be taken to assure the following:

1. The total amount of time for a school day and school year as required by state law must be met by each school.

2. The length of the work day for "staff development days" and "staff development shortened days" shall be the same as normal days.

3. Staff or faculty meetings for routine business shall not take place on "staff development days" or on "staff development shortened days."

4. The staff, School Site Council and principal needs to inform the community of the topics, staff activities, and expected outcomes prior to shortened school days and student release days.

5. In the case of student release days, the topics for staff development need to be approved in the school plan by the School Site Council and Board of Education.


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California