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Employee Security   

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An employee may use reasonable force when necessary to protect himself/herself from attack, to protect another person or property, to quell a disturbance threatening physical injury to others, or to obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects on or within the control of a student. (Education Code 44807, 49331)

(cf. 5131.7 - Weapons and Dangerous Instruments)

Employees shall promptly report to their principal or other immediate supervisor any attack, assault or physical threat made against them by a student.

Both the employee and the principal or other immediate supervisor shall promptly report such instances to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. (Education Code 44014)

In addition, employees shall promptly report to their principal or supervisor, and may report to law enforcement, any attack, assault or threat made against them on school grounds by any other individual.

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)

Reports of attack, assault or threat also shall be forwarded immediately to the Superintendent or designee.

Notice Regarding Student Offenses Committed While Under School Jurisdiction

The Superintendent or designee shall inform the teacher of any student in his/her class who has engaged in, or is reasonably suspected of, any act during the previous three years which could constitute grounds for suspension or expulsion under Education Code 48900, with the exception of the possession or use of tobacco products. This information shall be based upon written district records or records received from a law enforcement agency. Teachers shall keep the information confidential. (Education Code 49079)

Procedures to Maintain Confidentiality of Student Offenses

In order to maintain confidentiality when providing information about student offenses to counselors and teachers of classes/programs to which a student is assigned, the principal or designee shall send the staff member a written notification requesting him/her to review a student's file in the school office. This notification shall not name or otherwise identify the student.

The staff member shall also initial the student's file when reviewing it in the school office. Once the district has made a good faith effort to comply with the notification requirement of Education Code 49079 and Welfare and Institutions Code 827, an employee's failure to review the file may be construed as a waiver of the district's liability.

(cf. 5125 - Student Records)

(cf. 5145.1 - Privacy)


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California