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Transfers into the District

Students who apply for admission to district schools will be placed at the grade level they have reached elsewhere pending observation and evaluation of their academic, social and emotional performance by their teachers, guidance personnel and the principal or designee.

Within 30 days of the student's enrollment, staff shall complete its observation and evaluation and the principal or designee shall determine the student's appropriate grade placement.

(cf. 5111 - Admission)

(cf. 5116 - School Attendance Boundaries)

(cf. 5141.31 - Immunizations)

(cf. 6146.3 - Reciprocity of Academic Credit)

Transfers out of the District

When a student transfers out of the district, a brief statement will be attached to his/her permanent record showing which basic proficiencies, if any, have been assessed and satisfactorily met according to the standards of this district. This statement will be appended to any permanent record sent to another school in or outside California.

Students who transfer out of the district during their senior year may receive a diploma from this district, provided they have met all district graduation requirements.

(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency)

Students transferring or withdrawing from school shall return all school books and materials and settle any unpaid fines on or before their last day of attendance.

(cf. 5125.2- Withholding Grades, Diploma or Transcripts)

(cf. 6161.2 - Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials)

Legal Reference:


48011 Admission from kindergarten or other school


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California