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School Day   

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The Board of Education shall fix the length of the school day subject to the provisions of law. (Education Code 46100)

The school day shall be arranged and scheduled by the administration so as to offer the greatest return educationally for the time spent, within the limitations of school facilities and requirements of state law and regulations.

Legal Reference:


46010 Total days of attendance

46100 Length of schoolday

46110-46119 Kindergarten and elementary schools (day of attendance)

46140-46147 Junior high school and high school (day of attendance)

46160-46162 Alternative schedule - junior high and high school

46170 Minimum day - continuation schools

46180 Opportunity schools (minimum day)

46190-46192 Adult school (day of attendance)

46200-46205 Incentives for longer instructional day and year


adopted: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California